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Purchase Our Large Binder

In the January 2010 Marine Fabricator Article, we have received numerous inquiries about the large binder seen in it. It cannot be purchased off the shelf as it is a one of a kind item. Ours is 20 years old and has saved us thousands if not more hours in labor costs. It bolts on and off with a single screw without any other modifications to your machine and runs like a charm. It also makes roll up straps by running the strips through by themselves without the glass in the middle. Our large binder finishes to one and a half inches and is the mainstay of our fabrication method. We have sold many of our binders to both our students and to fabricators across the country and overseas, who use them on a daily basis.

We have duplicated and refined our original binder by working closely with a binder specialist. Photos of the new and more compact binder appear above and below. The price is $595 and it includes free shipping to anywhere in the continental United States. If your shop would like one, you need to send $595 out of state or $632.18 within Massachusetts. Payment can be made by sending a check or using our Pay Pal link at the bottom of this page. You also need to e-mail us your contact info and address so we can send you a receipt. Your binder ships in 2-3 weeks from receiving payment. We will e-mail you when it ships, so you will be expecting it. Happy Binding!

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Thanks, Mark and Deb

lgBinder lgBinder