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Quality Marine Canvas by a certified Master Fabric Craftsman (MFC)

Mark Hood grew up in a sailing family in Marblehead, MA, nephew of renowned sailor and boat builder Ted Hood. Both his father and uncle were successful America's Cup sailors. Mark has been continuously perfecting the performance of his canvas products by observing their performance on open water cruises from New England to Bermuda and the Caribbean. These blue water trips give him the ability to see first hand how his designs perform in all types of weather; sun, storm, wind and wave. This open water performance knowledge is built into each Hood Canvas product.

"As with any product made of cloth, there are many different ways of constructing the same item, some good, some not so good. We have tried hundreds of these methods over the years to come up with the one method that works the best with the least amount of bulk. At Hood Canvas we have refined this into a method of sequential marine canvas fabrication that is very unique in the trade." - Mark Hood

Mark Hood, MFC and his wife Deb have spent the last 30 plus years refining their fabrication techniques to provide "only the best" custom canvas for our customers. We use only quality time tested materials including lifetime Solarfix® PTFE thread

Marine Canvas Training Workshops

Learn the Marine Canvas Trade with an MFC certified Master Fabric Craftsman! In addition to our marine canvas fabrications, we host workshops every year at our shop in Merrimac, MA. Over the past five years we have trained successful shops from around the world. Our success depends on your success! CLICK HERE

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